[Advaita-l] Is there Tapta Mudra Dharana in Srivaishnava Sampradaya?

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> Namaste
> I like to know Is there Tapta Mudra Dharana in Srivaishnava Sampradaya of
> Iyengars? Some people say No some people say Yes. But I got no
> authoritative answer. Madhvas are getting ready for large scale Tapta Mudra
> Dharana on Prathama Ekadasi coming next week.


//SrI VEdAnta DESika's Saccharitra-raksha deals with this

issue. It has three chapters :

1. SudarSana-aadi-dhAraNa-adhikAraH {Chapter on the bearing

of SudarSana <chakra> etc <symbols on the body> }.

In this chapter, lots of objections are considered against the

tApa-samskAra <as practised by SrI-VaishNavas> and appropriate

refutations are presented. It is filled with Copious quotations

(actually " mind-boggling " will be the befitting adjective for

this case) from all the four vEdas with the explanations as

found in the upa-brahmanas like pAn~carAtra samhitas, many

smrutis, purANas, HarivamSa/IthihAsa and even from upa-purANas.

My article on SamASrayaNam contains a sub-set of these


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