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It is well known to scholars/researchers/students that the entire core
corpus of Advaita literature has been/being brought under the banner
'Advaita Sharadaa' of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

In this page

one can see a large list of names of texts. It is possible to make a search
for  particular words in each of these texts,  This facility will be of
utmost help for students/researchers.  Words like 'mithyaa, adhyaasa,
vivarta, aikyam, samucchaya, tattvamasi, moksha,...' etc. can be searched
in each of these works listed / displayed on the above page. In the
'anveshanam' head, on top of the above page as a menu, one can initiate a
search across the entire prasthana traya Bhashya of Shankaracharya by
choosing 'sarvam'. Individual text search is also possible on that page.
One can see the results delivered on another page as 'phalitaamshah' and
copy the results for one's further notes, articles, etc.

This excellent resource has been developed by Sri C.S.Yogananda and his
team under the company name Sriranga Technologies, Mysuru.  They are
working hard to include more and more texts to the resource.  The utility
of the resource is immense indeed.

warm regards

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