[Advaita-l] How do you explain this?

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Sat Jan 19 04:56:40 EST 2019

Dear Sada ji,

Thanks for the above mail. Your question reduces to the difference between
upadhi and avaccheda.

Drk is of four types:

1. With mAyA as upAdhi, Brahman becomes the dRk

2. With mAya as avaccheda, Ishwara is dRk.

3. With avidya as upAdhi (I assume this), kUTashtha is dRk.

4. With avidya as avaccheda, jiva is dRk.

All this four-fold difference is only aupAdhika and not real.

warm regards
--------------------Subbuji - PraNAms and thanks for your reply
You have provided the meaning of what it says only. 
The question that boils down - In Advaita, we have Brahman - as nirguna nirupaadika paaramaarthika Brahman - there is no dRik-dRisyam also at that reference. 
At the next level, we have sopaadika maayaa sahita Iswara as saguna Brahman from the vyaavahaarika level.
As I see Shree Ramaya Kavi seems to differentiate the second into two.  Just to see how one can explain in a self-consistent way, I have not studied the whole book yet. The talks are for my own clarity.
Hari Om!Sadananda


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