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Namaste Bhaskarji
The context is that

1. "There are numerous references from shAstras which refer to Vishnu as a
Shiva Bhakta etc." - the advaitic members are only pointing to a fact. Its
not a conclusion

2. None of the advaitic members has ever made any conclusive statement to
the effect that "therefore Shiva is superior to Vishnu".

 I request not to conclude hastily and wrongly state that "therefore even
advaitins are being bigoted in proclaiming that Shiva is superior". It is
patently unfair to those who are posting these references and misrepresents
their position.

 'Point 1" is a rejoinder to the unstated bigoted Vaishnava nyAya syllogism.

The Vaishnava logic being that
'Vishnu is sarvottama' - sAdhya
'because Shruti Smriti purANas all refer to that.' - hetu

It is necessary to show the vyabhicAri vaishnava hetu by showing numerous
references which indicate 'Shiva is superior to Vishnu'.

Conclusion : brahmAtma which is nirguNam and nirAkAram is the truth

None of the posters has given any bigoted *conclusion* of their own - they
are merely drawing attention to facts. That there are references which talk
on n different ways. No more no less.


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> praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> For we advaitins, it is immaterial whether Shiva is great or Vishnu is
> great; for us it is 'मायाशबल ब्रह्म​' ... Yes, for personal worship, one
> can consider मायाशबल ब्रह्म to be Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Devi etc.
> > yes, for the advaitins hari, hara, devi etc. saguNa brahma (kArya brahma
> or sOpAdhika brahma) only nothing more nothing less than that, and it is
> immaterial for us who is superior to who  and who is inferior to who and
> who wears what and in which shape since all are capable of giving the
> mumukshu the 'krama mukti' 😊 But it is quite amusing to read our advaitins
> perspective (ofcourse in the zeal of showing hara is noway inferior to
> hari) that is trying to convince the readers that hara is superior and hari
> (Vishnu) too wearing the bhasma to propitiate hara 😊 This is,  in my
> opinion, clearly shows, we the socalled advaitins too somehow bigoted to
> prove some deity Is superior to some other deity.  Though all these have
> been said to efface the bigoted views of dvaitins (Shaiva-s and
> vaishNava-s), we, ourselves, succumbing to this "my daddy strongest" trap
> without our knowledge.
> and in due course of vedanta-chintana, one has to drop-off this अभिनिवेशः
> and transcend the petty aspects ....That is why during 'vedanta-chintana',
> one is advised to shake off all his previously acquired concepts.
> >  well, does it mean finally being an advaitin you have to eradicate the
> very concept of  existence of personified gods like hari (vishNu), hara,
> bhagavati and their respective abode like vaikunTa, kailAsa etc.??!!  was
> the question posed by some 'bhakta' when I was narrating that the concept
> of Ishwara in Advaita is avidyA kalpita 😊 To this doubt, I said, well
> definitely I donot know the answer as I have not visited these places sofar
> nor personally met these most powerful   and dominant personalities but at
> the best I can say these personalities reside in an equally comfortable 7
> star hotel like place though exterior and interior decorations may vary and
> they have exactly the same  power and capabilities though you may find them
> at different place and in different shapes 😊  And being an advaitin I may
> approach any one of them to grant me either krama mukti or bestow the
> Advaita paramArtha jnana.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> Bhaskar
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