[Advaita-l] Book Recommendation - Scientist's Search for Truth - Swami Virajeshwara

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Thu Jan 17 01:42:50 EST 2019

Hare Krishna

*“Who is this ‘I’? I went several rounds, back and forth: Everything is Energy, everything is Brahma, then who is this ‘I’?*

*The ‘I’ which was so obviously perspicuous, which never needed even a moment’s thought to know till now, appeared illusively enigmatic, the most concealed and perplexing secret. A thing which was. so far clearly the knower and the subject, now suddenly turned an unknown object to be known, and the most difficult one. I was fully engrossed with this single thought, with so deep a concentration that I never knew before, for quite some time.*

*Then in one spark, the answer flashed. ‘I’ is:*


*‘I’ is nothing, it is naught, a cipher. A non-entity. It does not exist.
‘I’ is a mere nonexistent ego. It has no existence, no place on earth. All this was in deep samadhi.*

*That was it.”*

>  Though it is not at the cost of shastra shravaNAdi sAdhana, though the word "shoonya" not emphatically said and emphasized, the deep samAdhi experience has been categorically  insisted in our traditional works as well, like viveka chudaamaNi, paNchadashi, jeevanmukti yOga, yOga perfection and enlightenment etc.  So IMHO, here swamiji does not said something that is alien  to Advaita tradition.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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