[Advaita-l] A 5th Century AD view of Vedanta (Text)

Srinath Vedagarbha svedagarbha at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 14:52:10 EST 2019

There is an research paper on early Vedanta from Jaina's perspective,
especially from Mallavadin from a work call "Dvaadasaaranayacakra (DNC)"
, by one Sthaneshwar Timalsina. This paper is published and is available
here ;


It is interesting to read the abstract (cited at the beginning of the
paper) which says early vedanta is realistic in nature and characterizes
"lacks clear imprint of Mahayana Buddhism" ;

//Quoting from the book

The Advaita literature prior to the time of Gaudapaada and Shankara is
scarce. Relying on the citations of proponents and their opponents, the
picture weglean of this early monism differs in many aspects from that of
Shankara. While Bhavya’s criticism of this monistic thought has received
scholarly attention, the chapter Purusavaada in Dvaadasaaranayacakra (DNC)
has rarely been studied. Broadly, this conversation will help ground
classical Advaita in light of the con-temporary discourse on naturalism. In
particular, this examination will help contextualize the early Advaita that
lacks clear imprint of Mahayana Buddhism. The doctrine of Purusa, central
to this paper, sidelines the role of avidya or ignorance,and provides a
realistic picture of the world. I have relied on the commentary Vrtti upon
the VaakyapadIya  as has been substantially cited in DNC in order to
advance the arguments. As a consequence, the examination on Purusa also
paves the path foradvancing arguments on linguistic monism.



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