[Advaita-l] A 5th Century AD view of Vedanta (Some Comments)

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> In summary, while we cannot be certain what Bhavya was referring to, there
> is some evidence to hold that he was not talking of advaita, but something
> else altogether.
I agree with your assessment. In the same book Olle Qvarnstorm cites (on
page 14) other two major works of Bhavya  -- MadhyamakaratnapradIpa
and Madhyamakarthasarngraha. The author says Bhavya elaborated more on his
own siddhAnta about theory of two truths (satyadvaya), which was originally
established by his guru Nagarjuna.

With this background, it is very clear that vedanta pUrvapaxa restated in
his madhyamaka hR^idaya kArika/TarkajvAlA was not that of Advaita vedaanta.
Otherwise why would Bhavya consider doctrine which holds theory of two
truths be his pUrvapaxa while it is his own siddhanta?


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