[Advaita-l] A query on Jnani's punya and papa distribution

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One explanation I have heard is - the karma - good or bad, of a jnani does not have any locus to accumulate as sanchita karma for future enjoyment/suffering.
As such karma cannot be nullified at a samaShThi level, it will attach to the suhRts and dveshis accordingly. 
I think this is more a logical explanation and I have not heard of any pramana for the above.


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> Namaste All,
> Recently in one of the discourse by Sringeri Mahasannidhanam, he mentioned
> Jnani's punya karma is taken by his Suhruts (Punya) and papa karma by
> Dweshis and referred to that one should not denigrate the jnanis ..etc and
> also mentioned to Shruti vakya like Indraagni
> mitra....yadhanyakrutamarima..which appears in KY veda Kushmanada sukta.
> I would like to know the following from the scholars.
> 1) Has Shankara indicated the above in bhasyas or prakarana grantas?
> 2) Did post - shankara advaitins have mentioned anywhere in their works?
> 3) How is this process of punya and paapa gets transferred, when Gita
> indicates happens Jnanaghina sarvakarmani dagdam?
> 4) I hear some say , it is just an Arthavada to help the common man
> understand the greatness of a Jnani, since if somebody does seva for a
> Jnani the punya phala is very high and doing dwesha the paapa is also high.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Ramachandra
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Warm Regards,
Venkateshwaran N E

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