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Dear Sri Ramachandra ji,

Shankara cites that shruti thrice on the bhashya as shown below. One can go
into the context, etc. and deduce the purport. Swami Vidyaranya too cites
this in the Jivanmukti Viveka if I remember right. You may also refer to
Sri SSS's translation:

ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम्तृतीयोऽध्यायःतृतीयः पादःसूत्रम् २६ - भाष्यम्

………। ३) इति ; तथा शाट्यायनिनः पठन्ति — ‘तस्य पुत्रा दायमुपयन्ति सुहृदः
साधुकृत्यां द्विषन्तः पापकृत्याम्’ इति ; तथैव कौषीतकिनः —………

अग्रे पठन्तु...
ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम्तृतीयोऽध्यायःतृतीयः पादःसूत्रम् २७ - भाष्यम्

………(छा. उ. ८ । १३ । १) इति, ‘तस्य पुत्रा दायमुपयन्ति सुहृदः साधुकृत्यां
द्विषन्तः पापकृत्याम्’ इति च ॥ २७ ॥………

अग्रे पठन्तु...
ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम्चतुर्थोऽध्यायःप्रथमः पादःसूत्रम् १७

………, किंविषयं वा अदो विनियोगवचनम् एकेषां शाखिनाम् — ‘तस्य पुत्रा दायमुपयन्ति
सुहृदः साधुकृत्यां द्विषन्तः पापकृत्याम्’ इति ? अत उत्तरं पठति………

Ultimately it appears that one's karma does not go to another. What Praveen
ji reasons seems to be correct.

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Namaste All,

Recently in one of the discourse by Sringeri Mahasannidhanam, he mentioned
Jnani's punya karma is taken by his Suhruts (Punya) and papa karma by
Dweshis and referred to that one should not denigrate the jnanis ..etc and
also mentioned to Shruti vakya like Indraagni
mitra....yadhanyakrutamarima..which appears in KY veda Kushmanada sukta.

I would like to know the following from the scholars.

1) Has Shankara indicated the above in bhasyas or prakarana grantas?
2) Did post - shankara advaitins have mentioned anywhere in their works?
3) How is this process of punya and paapa gets transferred, when Gita
indicates happens Jnanaghina sarvakarmani dagdam?
4) I hear some say , it is just an Arthavada to help the common man
understand the greatness of a Jnani, since if somebody does seva for a
Jnani the punya phala is very high and doing dwesha the paapa is also high.

Thanks in advance.

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