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Great job converting a simple informative email into a thread for insulting
various regions of India. Thanks.


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> Namaste
> I heard Tamil Brahmins have a different Prayoga for Karmas like Pitru
> Tarpana. They are using Kurchas and do Avahana of Pitrus in those Kurchas
> and then they give Tila Tarpana with Vedic Mantras for male ancestors.
> For female ancestors like Pitamahi there are no Vedic Mantras before Tila
> Tarpana. But Karnataka and Andhra Brahmins are giving Tarpana to Pitrus
> without any Kurchas. There is no Avahana for Pitrus. They are not muttering
> Vedic Mantras before Tarpana even for male ancestors like Pitru, Pitamaha
> and Prapitamaha. Like this there may be differences in other Prayogas also.
> Can we follow the Dravida Prayoga without knowing and following our own
> Prayoga?
> I have seen some shops are selling ready made Kurcha packets for Iyers and
> Iyengars and Kerala Iyers also. They have 20 or 30 Kurchas all ready made
> for Tarpana. But my Sraddha Purohit said this is not correct. If you
> prepare Kurcha you cannot simply keep it tied. You have to use it same day
> and untie it in the end. If you keep it tied and for many days you are
> committing sin. Even the Pavitra for Tarpana has to be untied and Visarjana
> is done.
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