[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

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Sat Jan 20 06:57:45 EST 2018

Dear murthy guru,                              Yes, i too observed "Tamil Brahmins using Kurchas for Karmas like PitruTarpana and Tila Tarpana with Vedic Mantras ". It May be  their custom /culture. I even surprised about these things as I saw several times there  are group pf tamil people sitting together on sravana pournami (Jandhyala pournami) using TIL for exchange of new jandhyam with the old one along with darbha's in their procedure. But there should be some sastra pramana apart from customs. Using Tila & darbha for a normal activity with vedic mantra should be prohibited as it is for apara karma only. This is only my personal opinion & I don't have any reference for this as it due to my observations from several years.  I am sure that Prayoga Krama is much above than we people are discussing for which i will be giving details further.
Every Individual of the world is busy in making efforts for obtaining a particular objective according to his own strengths & beliefs. Some times, he will succeed , some time it may not be, but the effort should go on. Every one does any activity with some 'Kamyabda' in their minds towards reaching their objects/targets of life.
In this process, some one is intensely involved in Japa, tapa, homa, trapana, kratuvu...etc based on their needs. Towards achieving their objectives, some one may fall down, may try for highest yogic experiences, some one may want to leave house hold activities and want to become a Monk.
Every one is anxious to know about themselves why they burned? what is the purpose of their birth? who is our father/mother/brother/sister in our previous life? But I feel this is not a easy task to succeed, for this one has to give every thing in their life.
Once one gentle man said to me that he will do some prayaga krama with his strength & highness (ahankara is there in his words). Every one is capable of doing some thing on their own and any one can do any thing what they want do. It is their will, strength, experience. They may succeed in their efforts or not is decided by TIME for which path is very difficult to reach their un-lawfull objectives.
My conclusion is one should keep their buddhi intact and should listen to it & follow the chitta which is much better than any prayoga dramas. During this process, if some one lost their buddhi, they will fall in their own traps and keeps moving in the cycle of samsara as they have to borned again if they fails. It will happen.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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