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In what language will the talk be? Also where on Facebook will it be

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> Subject: Lecture on Surya Namaskaram - Ratha Sapthami
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> Dear Sir,
> Veda Dharma Saastra Paripalana Sabha affiliated to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti
> Peetham organises  lectures by eminent Scholars on various topics of
> Vaidhika Dharmam.
> The 46 talk of Bangalore in this series is going to be conducted at my
> house on 21st Jan 2018 .
> The topic is Surya Namaskaram - Ratha Sapthami - By Vedavidhyanidhi
> Sengalipuram Brahmasri SankaraRama Deekshitar
> He is coming down to Bangalore to give this talk. The talk will be recorded
> and will be telecast live in Facebook and YouTube. However being held at
> Bangalore and at my home, I request your physical presence on that day to
> listen to the talk (Ratha Sapthami is on 24th January). The talk may be for
> an hour and a half. It is also a great opportunity to meet such a learned
> Vaidhiga is person and interact with him and get your doubts addressed as
> well.
> Please forward this to like minded people (Brahmins only as the topics
> pertain to our Dharmam). Personal attendance in good numbers will encourage
> the person who talks and all of us will benefit from a good interactive
> session.
> Please attend in person and also forward to like minded people.
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