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Date: Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 2:50 PM
Subject: Lecture on Surya Namaskaram - Ratha Sapthami
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Dear Sir,

Veda Dharma Saastra Paripalana Sabha affiliated to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti
Peetham organises  lectures by eminent Scholars on various topics of
Vaidhika Dharmam.

The 46 talk of Bangalore in this series is going to be conducted at my
house on 21st Jan 2018 .

The topic is Surya Namaskaram - Ratha Sapthami - By Vedavidhyanidhi
Sengalipuram Brahmasri SankaraRama Deekshitar

He is coming down to Bangalore to give this talk. The talk will be recorded
and will be telecast live in Facebook and YouTube. However being held at
Bangalore and at my home, I request your physical presence on that day to
listen to the talk (Ratha Sapthami is on 24th January). The talk may be for
an hour and a half. It is also a great opportunity to meet such a learned
Vaidhiga is person and interact with him and get your doubts addressed as

Please forward this to like minded people (Brahmins only as the topics
pertain to our Dharmam). Personal attendance in good numbers will encourage
the person who talks and all of us will benefit from a good interactive

Please attend in person and also forward to like minded people.

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