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Out of the 6 nastika darsanas and 6 astika darsanas only
Purvamimamsa directly  and exclusively concerns itself with dharma.
Of the other five astika darsanas Uttaramimamsa endorses the position of
Purvamimamsa in a qualified and restricted way.
The other 4 astika darsanas Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaiseshika just accept
vedas as authoritative but concern themselves with philosophical questions.


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> Namaste,
> Hopefully this is not a question that has been discussed before..
> Could someone kindly point me to texts and sources that describe how the
> three vedantic schools borrowed from older darshanas in formulating hindu
> dharmic traditions as we know now? I am looking for information on the
> continuity of thought among darshanas and subsequent religious traditions.
> thanks
> ..gopal gopinath
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