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In this document you can see how Bhartrprapanca's theory is different from
Advaita of  Adi Sankara -


>From all this accounts it is possible to establish a pretty accurate
picture of

Bhartṛprapañca’s main philosophical views that are different from Śankara’s

monism. For him, the essence of Brahman is in the same time dual and
non-dual. In one

aspect Brahman is non-differentiated while in other it is differentiated.
Both aspects are

real in opposition to Śaṅkara’s Advaita where differentiated aspect is
unreal. According

to Śaṅkara, Bhartṛprapañca explains that unity and plurality of *ātman *is
the same as with

“the cow” which possesses unity as substance (cowness as universality) on
one side and

individual properties on the other side that differentiate a particular cow6.

evolves into phenomenal world through eight gradual states that will be
described in this

paper. Liberation is achieved through combined path of knowledge and action
(*jñānakarmasamuccaya*) that encompasses combination of religious rites and

knowledge.7 As Śaṅkara holds that action cannot produce knowledge, Śaṅkara

such a view throughout his works and teaches that liberation is to be
achieved through

knowledge alone, and not through religious rites.

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