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<<  There are (and were) several different varieties of bhedabhedavada but
they all agree that jivatma and paramatma are identical on some level.
(That's the abheda part.) Where they differ from Advaitavada is that they
do not think the two are _completely_ equivalent. (That's the bheda part.)

At or prior to the time of Sri Bhagavatpada,  those who interpreted the
 Upanishads in accordance with this view  are termed vrittikAras. The most
notable amongst  them  and whose views have been specifically refuted  in
the Bhashya ( though he is not named anywhere in the Bhashya itself) is
BhartRprapancha . The principal difference between the two views (Sri
Bhagavatpada and  BhartRprapancha) , and to which practically all the other
important divergences can be traced, is that while both recognized a  पर
(para) (higher)  and अपर (apara) (lower) Brahman, Sri Bhagavatpada explains
the “lower” Brahman as an appearance (विवर्त vivarta) of the “higher” and
therefore not of the same order of Reality, BhartRprapancha regards both of
them as Real in the same sense. This is also referred to as BrahmapariNAma
vAda and holds that jagat and Brahman  are both satya and enjoy the same
level of Reality. This view is specifically refuted in BU 5-1-1. Refer
Bhashya starting from

<< अत्रैके वर्णयन्ति — पूर्णात् कारणात् पूर्णं कार्यम् उद्रिच्यते >>

<< atraike varNayanti — pUrNAt kAraNAt pUrNaM kAryam udrichyate >>.

An excellent review of these two views (Sri Bhagavatpada and
BhartRprapancha)  is to be found in the article  “BhartRprapancha –an old
vEdAntin “  by Prof. Hiriyanna  available in the book  “Outlines of Indian
Philosophy”  which can be accessed at the following link

<< https://archive.org/details/OutlinesOfIndianPhilosophy1932MHiriyanna


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