[Advaita-l] Accounting for Brahman appearing as the world

Praveen R. Bhat bhatpraveen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 23:30:08 EDT 2017


Over the course of the thread, there was a differentiation made the
analysis of the words and sentences, which of course does exist. However,
in ऐक्यवाक्यs, this is what the Ratnaprabhatika reads under 4th sutra
commentary of Bhashyakara, where Bhashyakara refutes the Bhedabheda mata by
dismissing all four possibilities of उपासनs for ऐक्य। This one is
particularly under the सम्पदुपासना। I thought some of us might find it

उपक्रमादिलिङ्गैर्ब्रह्मात्मैकत्ववस्तुनि प्रमितिहेतुर्यः समानाधिकरणवाक्यानां
पदनिष्ठः समन्वयस्तात्पर्यं निश्चितं तत्पीड्येत ।
The convergence of all sentences of apposition, [already] present in the
word, which is cause for knowledge w.r.t. reality/entity of oneness between
brahman and the self, through the six indicators such as topic in the
beginning, etc, that ascertained commitment would be violated.

Please note the apposition through the usage समानाधिकरणवाक्यानां पदनिष्ठः
समन्वयः। The words in such sentences are in apposition and so the sentence
also becomes one having a singular, commitment just like the words, unto
one, indivisible, homogeneous entity.


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