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Namaste Sri Kalyan

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> This is a tricky situation. If we do not look at the flaws of the guru,
> then we might accept even gurus like Nityananda and Ram Rahim. Even these
> fraud gurus might have lot of positives. And they might also claim some
> parampara.

It is a tricky situation. When you go to buy gold jewelry you have to put
effort to avoid cheaters selling fake gold. Similarly you have to put
effort to avoid cheaters acting like Gurus. You have to separate the fake
person from true Gurus. You should look at the Sishyas of a Guru. Are they
having good conduct? Are they behaving blindly like sheep and keep on
repeating Guru's words like parrots? A good Guru will not accept bad
Sishyas. If Sishyas are bad it means Guru is also bad and fake. If Sishyas
are good Dharmic people Guru is also good.

If you look at Sankara Parampara the followers are mostly Smartas. They are
mostly good people only even though there may be some bad people in them.
Most of them don't commit Adharma in the name of the Guru. Therefore it is
a good Parampara. Like this you have to do analysis of Sishyas to see the
worth of a Guru or Parampara.

You have to look at the Guru's teachings also. Is it agreeing with Advaita
or not? Otherwise Dvaita and Visistadvaita Gurus also become good Gurus.
The Sishyas also follow Dharma mostly. They may be good but we are not
agreeing with their philosophy. We cannot go to them.

> RegardsKalyan
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