[Advaita-l] The safe way

Kalyan kalyan_kg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 05:33:30 EDT 2017

//The Mumukshu must not give importance to all this negatives but he should
see positives only. That is why they say you should not look at Rishi Moola
and Nadi Moola. Agastya Rishi was born when gods Mitra and Varuna
ejaculated into a pot seeing Apsara Urvashi. But we have a lot of respect
for Agastya. Many Rishis like Vishwamitra had mistakes like falling for
Apsaras and so on. But Vishwamitra also gave the greatest Gayatri Mantra to
us. When doing Gayatri Japa will you think how Vishwamitra's relation with
Menaka and getting a daughter through her and so on? No. Similarly don't
look at negatives of Gurus in Paramapara and proceed with the teachings.//
Dear Sri Venkateshji
This is a tricky situation. If we do not look at the flaws of the guru, then we might accept even gurus like Nityananda and Ram Rahim. Even these fraud gurus might have lot of positives. And they might also claim some parampara.

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