[Advaita-l] An Excellent Vedanta discourse in Hindi

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 10:32:22 EST 2017

An Excellent Vedanta discourse in Hindi

In the following URL, after about 45 minutes into the video, Sri Jnanaraj
Maharaj, the Head of Shri Manik Raj Mahasansthān, of Humnabad, near
Kalaburagi (Gulbarga), Karnataka, delivered a very interesting lecture on
Advaita in Hindi. His talk was appealing and stuck to the traditional
Advaita teaching.


I am very impressed by his grasp of the subject and delivery that I would
happily refer anyone who is interested in studying Advaita Vedanta in the
medium of Hindi or Maraṭhi to him and his institution. Those living in that
region interested in Vedantic study can definitely benefit from him.

The above discourse was part of the bi-centenary function where HH Shankara
Bharati Swamiji presided.

Below is a discourse in Marathi by a Sannyasin:



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