[Advaita-l] Aditya Hridaya Stotram by Vijay Prakash

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Sun Nov 26 01:08:36 EST 2017



Stotra and translation -


The Sun God Surya has a very important role in our life. Without Sun there
cannot be plant life and without plant life there cannot be animal life
also. All Life is depending on Surya only. People can argue if anybody has
actually seen the Four handed Vishnu or Three Eyed Siva or Elephant headed
Ganesha. But they cannot argue everybody has seen Surya. He is visible to

There is also a saying Arogyam Icchet Bhaaskaraat. Surya is the Giver of
good Health. Without good health there cannot be any gain in this world or
the next. Good health is a must. A person with disease and weakness cannot
make progress in Karma or Jnana Marga.

The Savitru Gaytri Mantra in Sandhya Vandana is the most important Gayatri.
There are many Gayatri Mantras to many gods but this Savitr Gayatri is the
most important. It is the sum total of all the Vedas. Those without
Adhikaara to do Sandhya can study the Aditya Hridaya and other Surya
Stotras and get benefit.



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