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Thu Nov 23 09:20:32 EST 2017

Reg  << In the 7th Pariccheda is the jagatsṛṣṭi krama is detailed. There it
is stated ( I am giving only a summary and not the exact lines, which may
be read in any standard publication.) Brahman, with māyā association
resolves to create. Thereupon emerge the five elements - apanchīkṛta pancha
tanmātra-named elements. Then there is a discussion about the guṇa-s of the
elements. And the creation of the sense and  motor organs and the
antahkaranam. Then is the panchikaraṇa process detailed, incidentally. Then
it says:

तैश्च अपञ्चीकृतभूतैः लिङ्गशरीरम् परलोकयात्रानिर्वाहकं ....जायते । From the
apanchikrta pancha bhutas emerges the Linga sharīra, which is of two types:
Param and aparam. Param is Hiranyagarbhalingashariram. Aparam is our
lingashariram. Hiranyagarbhalingasharira is called Mahat tattvam. After
this the 14 lokas are stated to be born of the panchikrta bhutas.  >>,

This is succeeded by the following in Vedanta Paribhasha

<< अत्र  च  परमेश्वरस्य पञ्चतन्मात्राद्युत्पत्तौ,  सप्तदशावयवोपेत-
लिङ्गशरीरोत्पत्तौ,  हिरण्यगर्भस्थूलशरीरोत्पत्तौ  च,  साक्षात्कर्तृत्वम् ।
इतरनिखिलप्रपञ्चोत्पत्तौ  हिरण्यगर्भादिद्वारा । >>

<< atra  cha  parameshvarasya pa~nchatanmAtrAdyutpattau,
hiraNyagarbhasthUlasharIrotpattau  cha,  sAkShAtkartRRitvam |
itaranikhilaprapa~nchotpattau  hiraNyagarbhAdidvArA |>>

Translation,  Swami Madhavananda  << Now, in the origination of the five
subtle elements etc. ( footnote ; refers to the five gross elements ), the
subtle body consisting of seventeen components, and the gross body of
Hiranyagarbha, God is a direct agent ; while in the origination of all the
rest of the universe He is such through the medium of Hiranyagarbha and
others ( Footnote ; Refers to the PrajApatis, the progenitors of different
beings ).>>.



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