[Advaita-l] What is Krishna's 'tattva'?

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Hari Om,


Everything not Brahman is asat.

mithyA is non-difference from, i.e.non-existence in isolation from,

Brahma Sutra: 2.1.14
अभ्युपगम्य चेमं व्यावहारिकं भोक्तृभोग्यलक्षणं विभागम् ‘ स्याल्लोकवत्’ इति
परिहारोऽभिहितः ; न त्वयं विभागः परमार्थतोऽस्ति, यस्मात्तयोः
कार्यकारणयोरनन्यत्वमवगम्यते । कार्यमाकाशादिकं बहुप्रपञ्चं जगत् ; कारणं परं
ब्रह्म ; तस्मात्कारणात्परमार्थतोऽनन्यत्वं व्यतिरेकेणाभावः कार्यस्यावगम्यते ।

Swami Gambhirananda's translation:
Assuming, for the sake of argument, an empirical difference between the
experiencer and the things experienced, the refutation (under the previous
aphorism) was advance by holding that "the distinction can well exist as
observed in common experience". But in reality, this difference does not
exist, since a non-difference between those cause and effect is recognized.
The effect is the universe, diversified as space etc. and the cause is the
supreme Brahman. In reality it is known that the effect has non-difference
from, i.e.non-existence in isolation from, that cause.

-- durga prasad

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> Namaste Sri Sreenivasa Murthy,
> To clarify, all my email is saying that there is nothing beyond you -
> nothing outside, nothing inside. The methodology given in shruti - neti
> neti is also saying that. There is nothing to memorize, nothing to
> interiorize, only stuff to be given up. Every conception of Brahman is not
> Brahman. Everything not Brahman is mithyA. Everything mithyA is to be given
> up.
> Kind regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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