[Advaita-l] Fwd: Question/Clarification on Chanting Vaidika mantras

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Tue Nov 21 13:08:14 EST 2017

Hello Raghav,

I don't have the time to go into this in detail right now. This requires a
whole paper, which I am in the process of writing. The svarita being udAtta
for half of the mAtra and anudAtta for the other half is only one of many
different ways of pronouncing a svarita according to ancient authorities.
It is clear from the prAtishAkhyas that there were many different
authorities who had different opinions on how svarita should be pronounced.
Now it's solidified into a few different traditions, and one should follow

I hope the latter description below (de_vasya! is anudAtta-svarita-udAtta)
was not given by anyone teaching this subject. If it was, please run from
that place ASAP.


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> Namaste Rama ji
> You wrote -
> "PS: Perhaps you are getting confused by the sUtra uccairudAttaH and
> confusing svarita with this."
> I have observed even a few teachers of pANinI not being clear about this.
> Just to make sure I understand you correctly.
> In gAyatrI mantra samhitA pAtha ,
> de_ vas ya!
> anudAtta udAtta svaritaH
> Is this Correct?
> I have observed some teachers while explaining the sutra interpret udAttaH
> as the higher note and svaritaH as the middle note. (samAhAraH svaritaH) .
>  nIcairanudAttaH has no ambiguity.
> So they would say .the gAyatri word -
> de_vasya! is anudAtta-svarita-udAtta which is incorrect?
> Is there any commentary or vRtti or prAtishAkhya rule which clears this
> popular confusion regarding nomenclature? (I generally use the idea of the
> word 'dIrghasvaritaH' to fix svaritaH to be higher pitch, in my mind).
> Request you to clarify this basic doubt and any mistakes in the above.
> Especially how samAhara is interpreted using the sutra  tasyAdita
> ardhahrasva.
> Om
> Raghav

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