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I must perhaps add the following.

<< karma phala ( prarabdha ) does not have the power to negate these
phalas. >>


On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 1:04 PM, H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Reg  << karma phala (prArabdha) and more importantly that karma has the
> capacity to even negate the jnana phala even in samyak jnAni-s, >>,
> Not exactly. Jnana phala includes  nonaccrual of any phalas for subsequent
> karmas performed by the Jnani. Jnanaphala also  includes nonaccrual of any
> fresh bodies, after the fall of the current body, irrespective of any
> karmas performed by the jnani subsequent to attainment of Jnana.
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>> praNAms
>> Hare Krishna
>> As I mentioned in my earlier mail, in br. bhAshya shankara clarifies :
>> the indriya-s always tend to go outwards as a result of prArabdha and this
>> will not change even in samyak jnAni.  In the jnAni also due to prArabdha
>> which is the cause of his current body invariably produces it's normal
>> activities. As a result of this, there is pravrutti in the  faculties of
>> speech, mind and body (vAn~g, mana kAya) of the person inspite of his
>> paripUrNa jnana (samyakjnAnapraptAvapi).  The reason for this bhAshyakAra
>> says here in this case karma is more powerful than the samyak jnAna like
>> the released arrow from the bow.
>> I would like to know, this status of jnAni which bhAshyakAra explaining
>> is on behalf of the jnAni (official spokers person on behalf of all brahma
>> jnAni-s :) or it is the explanation for the ajnAni-s those who are still
>> seeing jnAni in action like jnAni walking, jnAni talking, jnAni
>> interacting, jnAni doing bhikshAcharya,  jnAni expressing his emotions
>> etc.  If this clarification is on behalf of the jnAni-s, then jnAni is
>> dehavAn, even after paripUrNa  jnana there is vicchinna Chaitanya, which is
>> arrested in BMI compartment as a result  karma, karma phala (prArabdha) and
>> more importantly that karma has the capacity to even negate the jnana phala
>> even in samyak jnAni-s, so karma phala is more potent than paripUrNa
>> svarUpa jnana as long as jnAni is arrested in his current mortal coil  !!
>> If it is latter i.e. jnAni's deha and its activities is only in the view of
>> ajnAni-s / outsiders then it is mere ajnAni's avidyA drushti which he
>> superimposed on jnAni.
>> Which one of the above is traditionally accepted ??
>> Thanks for all the clarification in advance.
>> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>> bhaskar
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