[Advaita-l] shankara speaking on behalf of or speaking to ??

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Thu Nov 9 07:22:01 EST 2017

Hare Krishna

As I mentioned in my earlier mail, in br. bhAshya shankara clarifies :  the indriya-s always tend to go outwards as a result of prArabdha and this will not change even in samyak jnAni.  In the jnAni also due to prArabdha which is the cause of his current body invariably produces it's normal activities. As a result of this, there is pravrutti in the  faculties of speech, mind and body (vAn~g, mana kAya) of the person inspite of his paripUrNa jnana (samyakjnAnapraptAvapi).  The reason for this bhAshyakAra says here in this case karma is more powerful than the samyak jnAna like the released arrow from the bow.

I would like to know, this status of jnAni which bhAshyakAra explaining is on behalf of the jnAni (official spokers person on behalf of all brahma jnAni-s :) or it is the explanation for the ajnAni-s those who are still seeing jnAni in action like jnAni walking, jnAni talking, jnAni interacting, jnAni doing bhikshAcharya,  jnAni expressing his emotions etc.  If this clarification is on behalf of the jnAni-s, then jnAni is dehavAn, even after paripUrNa  jnana there is vicchinna Chaitanya, which is arrested in BMI compartment as a result  karma, karma phala (prArabdha) and more importantly that karma has the capacity to even negate the jnana phala even in samyak jnAni-s, so karma phala is more potent than paripUrNa svarUpa jnana as long as jnAni is arrested in his current mortal coil  !!  If it is latter i.e. jnAni's deha and its activities is only in the view of ajnAni-s / outsiders then it is mere ajnAni's avidyA drushti which he superimposed on jnAni.

Which one of the above is traditionally accepted ??

Thanks for all the clarification in advance.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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