[Advaita-l] On evidence for and against Yugas of Indian chronology

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One of the reason for questioning the authenticity of carbon dating is to
question the intention of western scientists. Earlier church had great
influence in politics and even on kings. They wanted to prove that the
evolution started with Jesus Christ and so nothing can be dated earlier
then him. Similar was the case with Islam. One of the reason do destroy
temples all over the world and then to create mosques was because they did
not want any proof of glorious pre-islamic culture. Since no one is going
to bring down mosque, the truth will remain hidden.

Recently, 6000 years old Rama Idol with Hanuman in sitting posture with
folded hands was excavated in Iraq, former Mesopotamia. This would debunk
that before 2500 years, in India there were only Adivasis. Adi means
'first'. So people living in forests were first inhabitants. They are
actually Vanavasis but are referred to as Adivasis.

Earlier Western Historians and fact finders used to mix historic characters
and postpone dates of Buddha Bhagavan, Chandragupta Maurya, and other
prominent characters. Before few years ago, I read an article that an Idol
of Lord Buddha  was dated 500 years before the prescribed (generally
accepted) date of Lord Buddha.

Though the techniques may be good ones, people involved in fact finding do
have agendas. Talking about Yugas, on Youtube there is one video which
claims there is 30,000 years old underground Dwarka. Some also claim to
find articles related to the era of Bhagavan Rama.



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> For many traditionalists the chronology of Yugas having the order of
> hundreds of thousands of years where there were human beings living on this
> planet earth, is taken for granted.
> But there is a counter argument that the fossil records don't support such
> as possibility.  I wanted to know the fallacies in this such a fossil
> record based argument against the possibility of Yugas. This is no doubt a
> bit off topic with respect to Advaita Vedanta per se but i am hoping some
> learned members would know about ideas to defend the concept of Yugas given
> the so-called evidence from fossil records which is claimed to invalidate
> even the possibility of Yugas.
> thank you
> Om
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