[Advaita-l] translation / meaning of word 'गीता' in भगवद्गीता

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 Namaste, Sriramji!
Thank you indeed for sharing Pandit Ojhaji's views. Of course, I was not aware of his writing on this point that time, but there could be some reflection of it on my discussion.

With regards,Niranjan
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 Thank you Niranjan Ji.  Will go thru the paper tonight.  Meanwhile, I was going thru the work authored by Shri.Madhusudan Ojha Ji, a great sanskrit & vedic scholar, who says that:

द्विविधा हीयमुपनिषद् भवति - श्रौति, स्मार्ती च । तत्र भेदकरणविदक्षया स्मार्तोपनिषदि गीता शब्दः प्रयुज्यते । पूर्वं केनाप्युपदिष्टस्यार्थस्य पुनरुपदेशो गानम् । स्वल्पकायस्य सतो वाग्विन्यासस्य विताने "गायति" शब्दस्य विवक्षितत्वात् । 

अर्जुने विमनस्के च गीता भगवता स्वयम् - इति महाभारते १२।३।८

स इत्थं यौगिकत्वात क्रियाशब्दत्वाच्चायं विशेषभूतोऽपि गीता शब्दः पश्चात क्रमेण स्मार्तोपनिषदि रूढः संपन्नः 


My liberal translation:

There are 2 types of upanishads viz., shrauta & smArta.  So, to differentiate b/w the two, the smArta upAnishad has been named as 'gItA'.  The discussions that used to take place b/w guru & sishya in days of yore regarding Atma-vidyA when re-enacted again was termed as 'gAnaM'. 

Rest is understood...i believe.



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            Dear List,
 Yes, I've published a paper on it as
 Bhagavadgītā: A Bird's Eye
 View of Its Historical Background, Formation, and
 Teaching, published in Journal of Indian
 Council of Philosophical Research.
 PS: I've sent the paper to Sriramji
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 Dear Scholars,
 I would like to know the etymological and real meaning of
 the word गीता.  Is the translation
 'song' appropriate 
 for this?
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