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Hari Om & Namaskarams to all.

As in Sri Dakshinanurthy Sosthra No. 7 begins as  'Balyadishvapi Jagradadisu
tatha .' and in the sosthra no.  '...pragasvapsamiti prabodha samaye yah
pratyabhijna yate.' there is an unchanging awareness in all the stages of
one's life and also in all the three states of experiences in a day
respectively. This impersonal awareness in every one of us or more truly,
every one of us and everything is in  the  unchanging awareness  as
superimposition and that unchanging awareness is only the Consciousness or
'Bhramman'in totality and 'Atman' from the point of an individual 'Jeeva'.
Understanding this fact with language knowledge, accepting the fact with the
faith in scriptural teaching  and assimilating this truth with logical
support and claiming it as oneself through conviction gives the unequal
benefits of total security, fearlessness and sustained happiness.

Understanding and acceptance can happen in most of the religious people who
raise to the level of spiritual seekers. However, from the point of enjoying
the benefits of 'Completeness', Peace and Satisfaction while living can
happen only through conviction of the fact and claiming the ownership of
Bhramman as oneself. This is possible  through logical reasoning and for
this I am giving my views here. The logic I apply  is 'any changing thing
cannot give rise to an unchanging thing'. A powerful conclusion can be
derived from this logic that Consciousness cannot be the part, product or
Property  of the brain or a Phenomenon in the living bodies. Because, the
frequency of the brain cells or neurons    are sequenced in various slabs
within  1 to 40. They   are named as delta, theta,alpha,beta and gama
(bifurcation details available in the internet).and  frequency cannot be
there without changes in the brain cells. Their frequency should  be zero in
the dead body but, these numerical categorisation have no  much relevant to
our  discussion as we take only the logical reasoning  in the process or
'cause (change in the form of frequency) & effect (unchanging awareness)'  .
Therefore, the brain cells with changing nature cannot give rise to the
changeless awareness whereas, presence of the changeless awareness is quite
obvious in living beings viz a viz scriptures and experience. 


This logical discussion leads to only one conclusion proving the presence of
unchanging awareness in living beings. And since this does not  belong to
brain cells,  it can happen only in one way and that is as an expression of
the all pervading   Consciousness in the brain cells  as the unchanging
awareness in living beings. In other words, the unchanging awareness   in
living beings is  the manifestation of Bhramman in suitable media. Once,
this fact is accepted by the human intellect with logical support, then
claiming oneself as Bhramman is only liberation and that leads to all the
sited benefits in this life itself  and breaks the death - rebirth 'samsara'
cycle also !   -


S K Jayakumar

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