[Advaita-l] Atma anatma discrimination

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Thu May 25 21:36:40 EDT 2017

So many hetu-s, reasons, for atma-anatma viveka:

#206 #ShankarAcharya Work
अतो नायं परात्मा स्याद्विज्ञानमयशब्दभाक् ।
विकारित्वाज्जडत्वाच्च परिच्छिन्नत्वहेतुतः ।
दृश्यत्वाद्व्यभिचारित्वान्नानित्यो नित्य इष्यते ॥
This knowledge sheath (Vijnanamaya Kosha) that we have been speaking of,
cannot be the Supreme Self for the following reasons-because it is subject
to change, is insentient, is a limited thing, an object of the senses, and
is not constantly present: An
unreal thing cannot indeed be taken for the real Atman.

These hetu-s can be applied to the entire pancha kosha and the external
world. In BGB 2.16 too Shankara has specified the hetu-s.

On Tat Sat

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