[Advaita-l] Atman and Ignorance

Jay Kumar saipadukajk at gmail.com
Thu May 25 11:54:13 EDT 2017

Hari Om

I am Jayakumar from Bangalore, included recently in this valuable discussion
group and I thank all concerned for the same. 


This is with response to the following fact that is discussed recently among
our group. It is possible to logically understand and comprehend that
ignorance is in 'atman' and at the same time 'atman' is unaffected by
ignorance . This is possible because of the difference in the higher reality
'or paramarthika' of 'atman' and comparatively lower reality  or
'vyavakarika' of ignorance.       


, I want to put it like the following  for logically supporting my

'Let  us take  the following 'entities' under consideration for this
discussion.  'atman', the ego(or I, Me & My' notions) and ignorance. Here,
'atman' is of the order of the higher reality and both ego as well as
ignorance are of the order of lower reality and therefore, there are no 3
entities. It is like the dreamer's poverty and winning a bumper lottery in
the dream here,  the Waker is not affected either by  his own poverty    and
winning the lottery in the dream though he experiences or sustains all these
situations. This practical comparison can help to understand and accept the
Truth easily. 


With respect to understanding and responding the postings in this site, I
have to depend on the screen reader software as I don't have eyesight and so
I don't use the screen (monitor) of the computer. It reads with the
synthesised voice and also reads all punctuations etc., also it may miss
some words of the write-ups! . So, I prefer to communicate over phone and if
anyone in the group wants to directly discuss with me I am available in my
cell No. 9916494729. Since this is  the first time I am putting my views, I
may be corrected w r t any requirement governing this valuable





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