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Wed Jan 25 04:10:41 CST 2017

Arrogance, false pride etc is the hallmark of the foolish. If not scholarship, arrogant people will take pride in being staunch devotees. We have seen the extremes of such devotion turning into radical behaviour and resulting in violence. 

But there is no danger at all in jnana. It is just a stigma attached in our contemporary approach. Nahi jnanena sadrisham pavitram...The age old saying vidya dadhati vinayam. ‎Even a little effort to obtain jnana will transform a person. ‎

Hare Krishna

IMO, neither jnana nor bhakti is the cause of arrogance, false pride / prestige etc.  it is only avidyA /ajnAna which is the cause,  due to ahaMkAra and mamakAra.  nAma deva bhakta shreshTa, who had direct interaction with pAnduranga vittala, but was not free from superiority complex and arrogance.  (BTW, I have not read his life story, just recalling an episode from Kannada movie 'bhakta kumbAra' believing it is so) And in scholars also (not paramArtha jnAni-s) sometime we see this type of ahaMkAra and false pride.  In both jnAni and bhakta, the jnana required to be free from these dosha-s.  A true jnAni or a true bhakta is sthita prajna....nirmamO nirahaMkAraH sa shAntiM adhigacchati is the assurance of geetAchArya.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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