[Advaita-l] The ideal 'dream' - Saint Thāyumānavar

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Very nicely said, Sir, thanks.


On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 8:27 PM, sreenivasa murthy <narayana145 at yahoo.co.in>

> Dear Friends,
> Every human being who wills it can have the exalted dream of the entire
> Maya tumbling down and being reduced to pathetic dust. Only thing that is
> needed is  willingness and *adhikAratva* to cognize the fact , within
> himself by himself, as revealed by sri Shankara in his teaching given in
> Brahmasutra 2-1-6 and which reads as follows :
>        svapnAntabuddhantayOruBayOH itatEtaravyaBicArAt AtmanaH
> ananvAgatatvam, saMprasAdE ca prapaMcaparityAgEna sadAtmanA saMpattEH
> niShprapaMcasadAtmatvam, prapaMcasya brahmapraBavatvAt
> kAryakAraNAnanyanyAyEna brahmAvyatirEkaH ||
>    The Divinity which is our own true nature ( Sri Shankara says : *paramAtmA
> hi sarvEShAM naH AtmA*||) has not only endowed all the human beings with
> the capacity to cognize that fact but also IT has blessed everyone with the
> means to cognize that truth.
>         May all of you become *kRutArthAs* !
> With sAShTAMganamaskArams,
>  Sreenivasa Murthy
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> மண்ணான மாயையெல்லாம் மாண்டுபோக
> இரு கண்ணாறவும் ஓர் கனவு கண்டேன் பராபரமே. !!( தாயுமானவர். பராபரக்கண்ணி.!)
> Such a strange dream did I have, Oh my Lord! a dream in which I saw this
> whole world of delusion coming to a total nought! ( ordinary people have
> such dreams as one coming upon a big sweepstake,  achieving high ends in
> social position,  status, name and fame, courtship rejected by someone
> being revived, or nightmares of one's impending death,  loss of wealth in
> the stock market, being overlooked for promotion in official career,  with
> some incompetent junior being promoted, our ambitions chased after becoming
> crooked shadows, some nocturnal devil or incubus attacking us, being
> threatened in dreams by our own doppelganger of the ego. But how many could
> have the exalted dream of the entire Maya tumbling down and being reduced
> to pathetic dust,  as has been had by the great saint?)
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