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Dear Friends,
Every human being who wills it can have the exalted dream of the entire Maya tumbling down and being reduced to pathetic dust. Only thing that is needed is  willingness and adhikAratva to cognize the fact , within himself by himself, as revealed by sri Shankara in his teaching given in Brahmasutra 2-1-6 and which reads as follows :       svapnAntabuddhantayOruBayOH itatEtaravyaBicArAt AtmanaH ananvAgatatvam, saMprasAdE ca prapaMcaparityAgEna sadAtmanA saMpattEH niShprapaMcasadAtmatvam, prapaMcasya brahmapraBavatvAt kAryakAraNAnanyanyAyEna brahmAvyatirEkaH ||
   The Divinity which is our own true nature ( Sri Shankara says : paramAtmA hi sarvEShAM naH AtmA||) has not only endowed all the human beings with the capacity to cognize that fact but also IT has blessed everyone with the means to cognize that truth.        May all of you become kRutArthAs !

With sAShTAMganamaskArams, Sreenivasa Murthy

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மண்ணான மாயையெல்லாம் மாண்டுபோக
இரு கண்ணாறவும் ஓர் கனவு கண்டேன் பராபரமே. !!( தாயுமானவர். பராபரக்கண்ணி.!)

Such a strange dream did I have, Oh my Lord! a dream in which I saw this
whole world of delusion coming to a total nought! ( ordinary people have
such dreams as one coming upon a big sweepstake,  achieving high ends in
social position,  status, name and fame, courtship rejected by someone
being revived, or nightmares of one's impending death,  loss of wealth in
the stock market, being overlooked for promotion in official career,  with
some incompetent junior being promoted, our ambitions chased after becoming
crooked shadows, some nocturnal devil or incubus attacking us, being
threatened in dreams by our own doppelganger of the ego. But how many could
have the exalted dream of the entire Maya tumbling down and being reduced
to pathetic dust,  as has been had by the great saint?)
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