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I have not been able to get the paper so far. Has any of the scholars read the views of Saccidanandendra Sarasvati and if so what are his views in detail?

praNAms Sri Sunil KB prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Sri SSS says the bhAshyakAra of kena vAkya bhAshya cannot be the same bhAshyakAra who wrote kena pada bhAshya and he attributes only pada bhAshya to prasthAna traya bhAshyakAra.  If I remember right Sri SSS, in his kenOpanishat bhAshya Kannada book cites some examples to clarify his stand.  He observes that the introduction to vAkya bhAshya is entirely different (vilakshaNa) from that of pada bhAshya.  The Upanishad pAtha (the original text of Upanishad) which has been used for writing Pada bhAshya is different from Upanishad pAtha which has been used to write vAkya bhAshya and more importantly ‘vishaya pratipAdana’ is also different in two different bhAshya-s.  This much only I can recall from my memory right now.  Would like to have a look at it once again when I go home today.  By the way, Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao also observes that  vAkya bhAshya is different from pada bhAshya and pada bhAshya only closely matches with the style of other Upanishad bhAshya-s.

I am not saying this for the want of debate on this age old issue.  Since you asked about Sri SSS stand on this, I am just sharing his observation that’s all.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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