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> Dear friends,
> There is a paper by Mayeda Sengaku entitled ON ŚAṄKARA'S AUTHORSHIP OF
> THE "KENOPANIṢADBHĀṢYA". The abstract of the paper says as follows:
> It is an interesting fact that there are two commentaries on the
> Kenopaniad which are ascribed to one and the same author, Sakara; one is
> entitled Padabhāya and the other Vākyabhāya. Several scholars such as
> Belvalkar, Bhattacharya and Saccidanandendra Sarasvati have asserted that
> only the PBh is S's authentic work while the VBh is spurious. Here I would
> like to take up these two commentaries and discuss their authenticity.
> I have not been able to get the paper so far. Has any of the scholars read
> the views of  Saccidanandendra Sarasvati and if so what are his views in
> detail?
> Regards,
> sunil KB
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