[Advaita-l] [advaitin] The Bhashyas of Adi Shankara

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Fri Jan 6 04:05:28 CST 2017

Until Sri Sunil mentioned it in this thread, I wasn't aware of tradition attributing 16 bhASyas to Shankara, but the proposition appears to have some merit

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If I remember right, vyAsAchaleeya mentions only sUtra bhAshya nothing else.  And chidvilaaseeya says at badari shankara wrote bhAshya-s on sUtra, dashOpanishat, geeta, Vishnu sahasranaama and commentary on Sri rudra as well along with stotra-s like soudarya lahari etc.   And kAnchi parampara talks about 5 different types of shankara, one is sUtra bhAshyakAra, another one is stOtrakAra yet another one is the monk who travelled all across India etc.  And again if my memory serves me right, according to mAdhaveeya shankara wrote sUtra bhAshya at the age of 12 and subsequently he wrote bhAshya on Upanishads, geeta and then bhAshya on sanatsujaateeya, taapaneeya etc. and then sAhasri etc.  Different biographies  / different traditions hold different viewpoints with regard to this.  To get 'idamitthaM' answer to this issue which can be acceptable within the traditional circle  itself  is really very difficult.

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