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Namaste Subbuji,

Agreed. I was pointing this out not to suggest that Adi Sankara only wrote
16 bhASyas, but in response to Sri Vidyasankar's question for a source for
the number 16.

Until Sri Sunil mentioned it in this thread, I wasn't aware of tradition
attributing 16 bhASyas to Shankara, but the proposition appears to have
some merit.


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>> Namaste Sri Vidyasankar,
>> The number of the works that are called bhAshya in the mAdhavIya Sankara
>> vijaya (I sent the references earlier) when read in conjunction with the
>> DiNDima appear to be 16 in number. The next verse in the Sankara vijaya
>> says that Adi Sankara wrote innumerable granthAs such as upadeSa sAhasri,
>> so these are apparently classified in a different category compared to
>> bhAShyas.
> There is also a text called 'hastāmalaka-bhāṣyam' which is admitted in the
> tradition to be a commentary penned by Shankara on the verses given out by
> the disciple Hastamalaka. This text is also published by the Vani Vilas
> Press, Srirangam.
> regards
> vs

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