[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Pāśupata, Pāncharātra, etc. composed by Śiva and Viṣṇu as mohaka śāstra

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> I have read this and could not get  at its meaning.
> There are two types of people : vedAdhikArI and others.
> Now, if the quoted purANa says that they are for delusion of some
> ​(​
> to take them to a-vaidika-mArga
> ​)​
> , then it is obvious that it is talking about vedAdhikArI-s and not others.
> This tantra-nindA is only for vedAdhikArI-s, so that they don't go on that
> path.

​I accept that the sentences were not well formed. I'm sorry.
Please, read the quoted text now. It may reveal it's meaning now.

> again,
> तस्माद्धि वेदबाह्यानां रक्षणार्थाय पापिनाम्
> विमोहनाय शास्त्राणि करिष्यामो वृषध्वज  १११
> Tantras are created for the protection and delusion of Vedabahyas.

​(Your?) translation is wrong.
Read it as - Tantra-s are for protection of veda-bAhya-s and for delusion
of pApI-s.

> What is the delusion that tantras are supposed to be causing to the
> Vedabahyas?

​Wrong question based on wrong understanding which comes from wrong

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