[Advaita-l] A question on PariNAma and vivarta

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Incidentally this understanding also tallies with the Taittariya quote
cited by Sri Subrahmanian Ji, though I don’t think he interpreted it in
accordance with this

सदेव सत्यमित्यवधारणात् ।*   (evaM

sadeva satyamityavadhAraNAt |*)


On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 3:48 PM, H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> I came across a footnote concerning vivarta in verse 49 in the translation
> of Panchadashi into English  by Sri Manilal Dvivedi which appears to
> clarify the apparently different viewpoints of verse 8 and verse 49. I am
> reproducing the translation of verse 49 along with the footnote here.
> Quote  <<  Verse 49 ( To be more explicit :--) When the original form of
> the material cause is altered, as curd is of milk, it is called Parinama.
> In Vivarta there is no alteration of form in the material cause; as for
> instance, in an earthen jar and gold earring, their respective material
> cause, -earth and gold-retains their appearance, and the jar and ring are
> only altered conditions or modifications.*
> Footnote * What has been said about jar and earring being conditions
> without change of the original substances of earth and gold respectively,
> is from the ordinary standpoint of common sense; for if subjected to a
> rigid analysis, it will be evident, that as the vedantin does not recognize
> anything else but Intelligence to be the site (adhisthana), consequently
> earth and gold cannot possibly be the site of jar and earring__ for both
> are unreal; and one unreality cannot be the site of another. On the other
> hand, as in snake illusion, Intelligence associated with the rope is the
> site on which the snake is projected or created, so in Intelligence
> associated with their respective materials earth and gold, the site of
> their products jar and earring; so that the assertion that they (jar etc.,)
> , are modifications or altered conditions without change of the original
> substance or material cause (Vivarta) is beyond dispute.  >>   Unquote.
> My understanding of this footnote is that the Vivarta mentioned in verse
> 49 is with reference to Intelligence ( Chaitanyam/Brahman) and not with
> reference to earth/gold itself. Thus there is no contradiction with verse 8.
> Different views may be possible.
> Regards

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