[Advaita-l] A question on PariNAma and vivarta

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 05:18:12 EST 2017

I came across a footnote concerning vivarta in verse 49 in the translation
of Panchadashi into English  by Sri Manilal Dvivedi which appears to
clarify the apparently different viewpoints of verse 8 and verse 49. I am
reproducing the translation of verse 49 along with the footnote here.

Quote  <<  Verse 49 ( To be more explicit :--) When the original form of
the material cause is altered, as curd is of milk, it is called Parinama.
In Vivarta there is no alteration of form in the material cause; as for
instance, in an earthen jar and gold earring, their respective material
cause, -earth and gold-retains their appearance, and the jar and ring are
only altered conditions or modifications.*

Footnote * What has been said about jar and earring being conditions
without change of the original substances of earth and gold respectively,
is from the ordinary standpoint of common sense; for if subjected to a
rigid analysis, it will be evident, that as the vedantin does not recognize
anything else but Intelligence to be the site (adhisthana), consequently
earth and gold cannot possibly be the site of jar and earring__ for both
are unreal; and one unreality cannot be the site of another. On the other
hand, as in snake illusion, Intelligence associated with the rope is the
site on which the snake is projected or created, so in Intelligence
associated with their respective materials earth and gold, the site of
their products jar and earring; so that the assertion that they (jar etc.,)
, are modifications or altered conditions without change of the original
substance or material cause (Vivarta) is beyond dispute.  >>   Unquote.

My understanding of this footnote is that the Vivarta mentioned in verse 49
is with reference to Intelligence ( Chaitanyam/Brahman) and not with
reference to earth/gold itself. Thus there is no contradiction with verse 8.
Different views may be possible.


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