[Advaita-l] DSV in the advaitasiddhi: adhyAsa is substantiated

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Is there not a niyama accepted in Advaita that 'सर्वोऽपि भ्रमः प्रमा वा
ब्रह्मण्येव अध्यस्तत्वेन अभ्युपगमः ? [whether it is pramā (right cognition)
or bhrama (error), it is a superimposition on Brahman alone].  That is why
even when the shukti is revealed bhramabādhakāle, it is shuktyavacchinnam
brahma that is revealed. I think this aspect also is covered by the
Advaitasiddhi. The Taittiriyopanishad passage: सत्यं च अनृतं च सत्यमभवत्
[Satyam Brahman alone 'became' the vyavaharika and prātibhāsika] supports


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> > 1. At the time of perceiving the illusory
> > silver, there is no knowledge of the substratum (shell), for if the shell
> > is known, there would be no illusion in the first place!
> Although in SDV, the इदंता/ इदमंशः which belongs to the shell is known
> while the shell itself is not known as it is, and on this इदमंशः, there is
> अध्यासः of the ​non-existent
> ​silver​, I am thinking that it could be said in DSV that this इदमंशः of
> the shell also need not belong to the shell, it can be said to be अस्तिता
> of brahman itself. So there would never be an absence of अधिष्ठानम् for
> अध्यासः। Further,
> > 3. So we are led to the conclusion- the shell does not
> > exist at the time the illusory silver is perceived. 4. If the shell does
> > not exist, then it follows that its ignorance too does not exist.
> ​I think this can also be seen as answered by Bhagavan Bhashyakara in
> adhyAsa bhAshya by saying: न च अयमस्ति नियमः पुरोवस्थित एव विषये
> विषयान्तरमध्यसितव्यमिति। अप्रत्यक्षेऽपि आकाशे बालास्तलमलिताद्य​ध्यस्यन्ति।
> एवम् अविरुद्धः प्रत्यगात्मनि अपि अनात्माध्यासः। Taking this as basis also,
> it may be said that ignorance of an uncognised object, which although
> non-existent in DSV, can also be possible as mentioned by MS later.
> ​gurupAdukAbhyAm,
> --praveen​
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