[Advaita-l] DSV in the advaitasiddhi: adhyAsa is substantiated

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> 1. At the time of perceiving the illusory
> silver, there is no knowledge of the substratum (shell), for if the shell
> is known, there would be no illusion in the first place!

Although in SDV, the इदंता/ इदमंशः which belongs to the shell is known
while the shell itself is not known as it is, and on this इदमंशः, there is
अध्यासः of the ​non-existent

​silver​, I am thinking that it could be said in DSV that this इदमंशः of
the shell also need not belong to the shell, it can be said to be अस्तिता
of brahman itself. So there would never be an absence of अधिष्ठानम् for
अध्यासः। Further,

> 3. So we are led to the conclusion- the shell does not
> exist at the time the illusory silver is perceived. 4. If the shell does
> not exist, then it follows that its ignorance too does not exist.

​I think this can also be seen as answered by Bhagavan Bhashyakara in
adhyAsa bhAshya by saying: न च अयमस्ति नियमः पुरोवस्थित एव विषये
विषयान्तरमध्यसितव्यमिति। अप्रत्यक्षेऽपि आकाशे बालास्तलमलिताद्य​ध्यस्यन्ति।
एवम् अविरुद्धः प्रत्यगात्मनि अपि अनात्माध्यासः। Taking this as basis also,
it may be said that ignorance of an uncognised object, which although
non-existent in DSV, can also be possible as mentioned by MS later.


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