[Advaita-l] dRShTi-sRShTi definitions in the advaitasiddhi

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 11:48:49 EDT 2017

Namaste Praveen Ji,

Since my own knowledge of Sanskrit is very limited, the translation shown
by me for the statement by Sri MS is as confirmed by  a person
knowledgeable in Sanskrit. I need to confirm with him again.

Reg  << Kindly tell me the shloka words if possible, I would like to check
what context you are referring to ​for these translations. I haven't found
the bhashya under 13.31 or even the entire 13th chapter.>>,

I was only referring to the words  “vistAram/manifestation/origination “ as
taken from BGB 13-31. The context is my understanding of the statement  by
Sri MS.

Reg  << Are you saying that DSV is only an avasthAtrayaviveka as someone
else said? >>,

I only had mentioned it. But not that DSV is an avasthAtrayaviveka, but
that what is being said is avasthAtrayaviveka and not DSV. I believe same
is the case here also.

Reg  << I don't think I understand the ​dispute. In any case, I was only
answering the questions you directed to me. >>,

I am very sorry I made a mistake. Thanks for your help in answering my



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