[Advaita-l] dRShTi-sRShTi definitions in the advaitasiddhi

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Thu Aug 10 08:59:49 EDT 2017

Namaste Anandji,

Thanks for a wonderful thread which I look forward to furthering.

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>Who has control then? It could be
> Ishvara, who is also posited in the dream by the draShTA! It is in this
> sense it is called jIva-sRShTi. It does not mean that the jIva controls
> sRShTi instead of Ishvara. As far as I understand, Ishvara is very much
> needed to explain why laws of Karma hold, for example, who upholds Dharma,
> etc. It is only that Ishvara Himself is part of the jIva's dream.

However, this so-called flaw of not being able to control sRShTi by jIva in
DSV can be similarly, although not exactly same, shown applicable to
Ishvara in SDV, since there is no choice of creation. Its in keeping with
total karmas of all jIvas. So what jIva sees in DSV is based on such anAdi


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