[Advaita-l] Enquiry and Sadhana - 3

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 13:58:47 EDT 2017

 (Continued from previous post)
D: In the query "Who am I", does the
'I' refer to the ego or the Atman?
M: In the enquiry, 'I' refers to the ego.
D: Are my present qualities of faith,
humility and surrender sufficiently intense,
or are they still very imperfect and require
further development?
If so, how can I quickly develop them to
perfection, so as to deserve Grace and early
success in the realisation of Atman, or in the
annihilation of the ego?
M: Do not entertain such thoughts of
imperfection, lack of qualities, etc. You are
already perfect. Get rid of the ideas of imperfection
and need for development. There
is nothing to realise or annihilate. You are
the Self. The ego does not exist. Pursue the
enquiry and see if there is anything to be
realised or annihilated. See if there is any
mind to be controlled. Even the effort is
being made by the mind which does not
D: Is it helpful in the enquiry to sit in
siddhasana, keeping the spine erect, sitting
on deerskin, kushasana, etc. during the
meditation, or are they not quite necessary.
Will they expedite the progress?
M: The real asana is "Being established"
in the Self - Reality or the Source. Sit in
your Self. Where can the Self go and sit?
Everything sits in the Self. Find out the
source of 'I' and sit there. Do not have the
idea that the Self cannot be realised without
the help of asanas etc. They are not at all
necessary. The chief thing is to enquire and
reach the source of the ego. These details
such as posture etc. may distract the mind
towards them or to the body.
(To be Continued)

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