[Advaita-l] Jagadupaadaana Vimarshaha

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 12:47:20 EDT 2017


In this video the Dvaitis have argued against Abhinna Nimittopaadaana
Kaaranatva of Advaitis and Jagadupaadaana Kaaranatva of Bheda-Abheda
Vadis and Visistadvaitis.


The argument is how can Brahman be like a Mrutpinda and become jagat.
He can be like a Potter only but not Mrutpinda lump of clay.

If you argue there is a Sruti Yato Va Imaani Bhootaani Jaayante and
others and the Panchami Vibhakti Yato is showing there is Upaadaana of
Brahman for Jagat that also is not correct. Because Panchami Vibhakti
can be used to say Nimitta also like Dandaat Ghataha. The Pot is
produced from Stick. Therefore Brahman is only Nimitta Karana for
Jagat but not Upaadaana Kaarana.

Advaitis can respond saying Brahman is Vivarta Kaarana for Jagat like
Rope is Vivarta Kaarana for Snake in the Illusion. We never said
Brahman is really becoming Jagat like Visistadvaitis are saying. We
are not saying Brahman really becomes Jagat like Mrutpinda becomes Pot
or like milk becomes curds. If Dvaitis press us and ask for Upaadaana
for Jagat we can say the Upaadaana Kaarana is Moola Avidyaa only but
not Brahman.

Brahman has no role to play in Creation of World because Creation
itself is Illusion in our theory.



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