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> Dear Subbu-ji,
> Adhyatma Ramayana has been the source of inspiration for many saints and
> bards of South India.

Thank you Sriram ji for the very informative post.

best regards

> 1) There is a month in Kerala (Karkidakam Masam) which is dedicated as
> "Ramayana Month" and devotees chant the "Adhyatma Ramayana" which was
> composed by a great saint of Kerala Thunchathu Ezhuthachan who belonged to
> early 14th century.  Since then, the tradition of singing adhyatma ramayana
> is continuing in Kerala.
> 2) There is a popular set of keertanas in telugu called "adhyaatma
> ramayana kirtanas" (a set consisting of 62 compositions) by a great telugu
> poet Sri.Munipalle Subramanya Kavi belonging to early 17th century.  It was
> a practice in earlier days that while searching for alliances among the
> traditional / orthodox brahmin families, the bride was asked to sing few
> compositions from "adhyatma ramayana" and depending upon her knowledge and
> familiarity with these, her "samskaara" was assessed.
> 3) Saint Tyagaraja was highly influenced by "Adhyatma Ramayana" and some
> of his kirtanas bear the testimony of his tinge towards this work
> 4) The great Upanishad Brahmendra Saraswathi was influenced by this work
> and composed "raama ashtapadi"
> 5) The great raama bhakta and advaitin Sri.Ramabhadra Dikshitar was
> influenced by this.
> 6) The father of Bhajana Sampradaya Sri.Bhagavannama Bodhendra Saraswathi,
> too was influenced by this and propagated the nAma-siddhAnta and tAraka
> mantra japa
> regs,
> sriram
> On Friday, March 31, 2017 at 12:46:35 PM UTC+5:30, V Subrahmanian wrote:
>> Namaste
>> In his 'श्रीरामायणतात्पर्यसारसङ्ग्रहस्तोत्रम्’, a short work with an
>> auto-commentary, Sri Appayya Dikshita has cited a few verses from the
>> Adhyātma Ramāyaṇam. Those verses are all found in the Yuddha kāṇḍa of the
>> extant Gita press edition.  I would like to know if any earlier work has
>> cited verses from the AR or even mentioned it by name.
>> Thanks and regards
>> subrahmanian.v
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