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Kalady: APRIL 6 – 11, 2012
The Jagadguru in Kalady
Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji arrived at the Janmabhoomi Kshetram of
Sri Adi Shankaracharya on the evening of 6th April 2012. 
In His Anugraha Bhashanam, the Jagadguru said that we get the same happiness on having Darshan of
Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada here in Kalady as we get on having the Darshan of Vishweshwara at Kashi.
We get the same sense of fulfillment when we set foot on the soil of Kalady as we get as soon as
we set foot on Kashi. We associate great importance with this land as it has been sanctified by the
dust of the great Acharya’s feet.
In his Raghuvamsha Mahakavyam, Kalidasa writes about the purity of the path taken by the cow Nandini
and followed by – तस्याः खुरन्यासपवित्रपांसुं मार्गं अन्वगच्छत्
When we have such a feeling that the feet of a cow purifies its path, what must be said of this land
that was treaded by Sri Adi Shankaracharya Himself.
Our Parameshti Guru rediscovered Kalady and consecrated the temples here. Our Paramaguru and our Guru
stayed here for many months and brought about a special sanctity. The Jagadguru said that whenever
He tours Kerala, He wishes to be in Kalady and stay at least for a few days and soak oneself in the
joy of being in the Holy presence of Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada and Goddess Sharada. 
Many remembered the words of the Jagadguru when He had come to Kalady for the Centenary Celebrations
at 2010. The Jagadguru had mentioned at that time that it had taken 15 years since His earlier visit
in 1995, and that His next visit would not be after such a long delay. Indeed, that visit had
fructified just two years later on this occasion of the Vijaya Yatra in the South Indian states.
The Jagadguru had special words for the Government of Kerala which holds the the Sringeri Sharada
Peetham in high esteem and for the Government officials in attendance including State Ministers,
Chalakkudy MP and MLAs of Angamali and Aluva constituencies. On the morning of 7th April,
Kerala’s Chief Minister, Sri Oommen Chandy had the Jagadguru’s Darshan. 
On 8th April, the Jagadguru laid the foundation stone for a 32 feet Adi Shankara statue in the
Math premises. 
On 10th April, a Veda Sammelan was conducted in the Jagadguru’s presence at Kalady. The same day,
the Jagadguru graced the Adi Shankara educational institutions at Kalady and declared them as
Knowledge Centres functioning in the Adi Shankara Knowledge City.
On 11th April, the Jagadguru had Darshan at the temple of Sri Krishna, the family deity of
Sri Adi Shankaracharya and Sri Katyayani at Manikkamangalam.
During His stay at Kalady, the Jagadguru spent nearly 6 hours every day in the Sannidhi of
Sri Adi Shankaracharya doing the Parayana of the Acharya’s Brahma Sutra Bhashya.

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