[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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‎ Kanchi mutt. This is what happens when we keep aside investigation about truth and choose personality cults. 


It is surprising that I found this link of this very same site. ‎

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Namaste Praveen

What other sources? I could quote from Ramanashram site but then they too won't represent Ramana! Btw all quotes that are on Wikipedia are‎ excerpts from some of his works. 

I mentioned about his daily routine because the argument made was based on assumptions/speculations. I merely represented the other side to show that such arguments do not hold. 

I don't even want to get into the whole inaccuracies of  Kanchi mutt‎ lest I should be cursed. I have already stated what Bharati teertha swami said from his own mouth. I'll try to go back and dig for the link. That said I shall write to Sringeri Mutt, which in my opinion is the only organised orthodox representative, to get a clarification. 
I just want to further my argument and ask this - what about Nisargadatta 'Maharaj ' or how should one regard 'paramahamsa' Yogananda who clicked pictures with Ramana (just stating a mere fact) and later claimed to have learnt from Ramana. I have read a few portions of the book - the autobiography of a yogi. If we consider Ramana to represent orthodox Advaita, then we have to accept P.yogananda as the rightful successor. 

Kripa ‎
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Namaste Kripaji,

I wouldn't have replied to this since we kind of closed the discussion earlier on, but for my name being mentioned. I just reply to a little more than that line alone. :)

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Kripa Shankar <kripa.shankar.0294 at gmail.com> wrote:

Some great points of grave import presented by SrimaLalitalalitah.

True, unlike the points made without basis. Wiki quotes don't count.
Praveen, like many others are trying to defend Ramana
as if it's an assault on Ramana s character, which clearly is not(it's also irrelevant) .
Not true. Your usage of words such as what he ate, etc, could be construed as an assault, especially since that was not only irrelevant, it was also untrue.
But I am baffled to see that when Shruti pramana is neglected, in other words when the Shruti is under assault, no one takes offence! 
I hope you meant somewhere else because shruti-pramANa is very well defended, at least on this list. Please don't mix this up when you name me, lest it be misunderstood. :)

‎ Just wanted to add one more point. I was watching a video of Bharati teertha swami delivering a lecture in Tamil. There he categorically stated that Sringeri Mutt never acknowledges anyone outside of the Mutt 
but a pramada (an exception) to this rule was when one of the great swamis (can't recall the name sorry) acknowledged Sadashiva Brahmendra. It is on YouTube. 

Not a proving fact of anything, as we have seen Kanchi Paramacharya acknowledging something didn't help. Nonetheless, a link might interest others, since I don't know Tamil.

Kind rgds,
--Praveen R. Bhat
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